Alisa, Level 5 Stylist

Team Member since 2013

ALISA 2018.png


Leonardtown Wednesday & Thursday 9-9 & Every other Friday 9-5
Charlotte Hall: Every other Friday 9-5 & 1 Saturday per month, 9-3.


When and how did you get your start in the industry? (year, where, etc..,) 

I was always doing my friend’s hair in middle school and high school. When I was in college , I realized I wanted to do something creative that was in customer service.

Why did you choose the beauty industry? 

It just made so much sense. I loved it from the beginning.

What do you love about working at The Hair Company? 

Its a family. We truly care about each other and our guests.

Tell us about you… Spouse/Significant other, Kids, Family, Pets, etc.., 

I'm very lucky to be married to a wonderful man and we have three little ones together. 

What do you like to do on your days off?

On my days off when I am not getting my household in order for the next week, I am spending time with my family and friends. We love going to the movies!

Favorite services to offer.....

I absolutely love creating someone’s look. The look that is personalized and made to show the very best of you. I especially love all things color and highlighting. 

Products you can't live without.....

Pureology color fanatic leave in spray (21), Redken color extend shampoo and conditioner and Redken frizz dismiss rebel tame. 

What's the most inspiring part of your job?

Surprising someone with a look they really wanted but didn't know if they could pull off. Boosting their confidence is fantastic. 




If I weren't so damn good at my job, I'd probably be......... Art teacher

Tell us three things most people don’t know about you… 1. I love to white water raft, 2. Concerts are my favorite splurge, 3. I still paint when I have time. 

How do you want people to remember you? I hope I made them laugh. 

Who is someone you admire, and why? Jane Goodall has been fighting to protect our forests and animals longer than I have been alive.  

Favorite quote:  “Not fragile like a flower, fragile like a bomb.”

What advice would you give to recent new stylist? Education is everything. Stay humble. Learn something from everyone.  

When I was 5, I was pretty sure I'd be a  Marine biologist   when I grew up.

If you could pick one theme for The Hair Company to turn into a book about the company, what would  it be? Remember that time when....

If I could invent a holiday, it would definitely involve......Spending time outdoors

In another life, I'm pretty sure I was.....  Prohibition era singer

If we went to happy hour, what would you order....... All of it 

Where would you like to go on a dream vacation?  Mediterranean cruise

When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? At a girls night

Cats or Dogs? Dogs

What tv show/movie are you ashamed to admit you love? Twilight saga. Stop judging. .

What places have you lived in? Born outside Philadelphia, lived there for 21 years

What one food do you wish had zero calories?  Pasta

What music is on your phone? Rock 

What is your hidden talent?  I'm a decent cook

What is your favorite sport or sports team? Phillies!

What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?  Pay off my mortgage. Womp womp

What is on your bucket list? Travel everywhere! 

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us.  I need alone time. 

If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it? OR If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see cast as you? Cast as me: mae whitman 

If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring?  1. My iphone, 2. A boat, 3. Rations

If you were an animal what would you be?  A gorilla. I can be smart and capable but I mostly wanna lay in the sun and snuggle my babies.

Favorite travel spot? Rehoboth beach Delaware 

Before working at The Hair Company, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?  Old Navy spirit squad. We used to dance and sing along with the songs to get people to come in and shop just like the commercials.