Brook, Level 4 Stylist

Team Member since 2009


Leonardtown: Wednesday 9-9, Thursday 9-3     Friday: 9-5


When and how did you get your start in the industry? (year, where, etc..,) 

 I began my journey in 1998 as an apprentice at a local salon where I was employed as a shampoo technician

Why did you choose the beauty industry? 

I love helping people see their beauty and making it resonate.

What do you love about working at The Hair Company? 

The Hair Company is my second home.  We all are not just co workers but family.  It’s a fun and uplifting environment to work in where they truly care about your growth and well being.

Tell us about you… Spouse/Significant other, Kids, Family, Pets, etc.., 

I am married to a great husband and have three handsome boys. So I’m pretty much out numbered at my home but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Throw in three dogs a few cats and a turtle and we have a happy crazy family

What do you like to do on your days off?

I love to cook and bake and read. There is nothing better then a good book!  I enjoy spending time with my family.

Favorite services to offer.....

 I love to cut. To really see the hair in it’s natural form and create.

Products you can't live without.....

Anything farmhouse fresh is amazing!  The facial masks leAve your skin feeling fresh!  My go to for hair care is our pureology colorfanatic spray  it’s a multi-purpose  leave in conditioning spray that adds protection to the hair!

What's the most inspiring part of your job?

Being able to really connect with people and help them see the beauty they hold is such an inspiring thing. We each have a story and being able to have people share their story with you  is amazing.






If I weren't so damn good at my job, I'd probably be......... A baker or  run a dog rescue


Tell us three things most people don’t know about you…  1.I am actually pretty shy until I get to know someone.    2. I love organizing  .
3. I love to sing. Just not in front of people. 


How do you want people to remember you?  I want to be remembered as someone who really took time to listen and offered their time. A listening ear can change someone’s outlook on their life sometimes


Who is someone you admire, and why?   I admire any woman who has struggled through something in their life’s and overcame their hurdle


Favorite quote:  “ We fall we fail we break but then we rise we heal we overcome" 


What advice would you give to recent new stylist?  Trust your gut follow your intuition and always listen.


When I was 5, I was pretty sure I'd be a  nurse when I grew up.


If you could pick one theme for The Hair Company to turn into a book about the company, what would  it be?  I think I would have to pick how a caterpillar metamorphosis into a butterfly. I reminds me of how we create beauty everyday

If I could invent a holiday, it would definitely involve...... If I could invent a holiday it would involve pizza cause who doesn’t like a good pizza.
Cats or Dogs? DOGS 


What places have you lived in? Just St Mary’s county


What one food do you wish had zero calories? Pizza


What music is on your phone?  I love all types


What is your favorite sport or sports team?  Any sport my boys play


What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? Nope no weird food here


What is one thing you can't live without? My children


What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery? A dog shelter 


What is on your bucket list? I want to one day buy an rev and travel the U.S.     


If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring?  1. Books  , 2. Sunscreen cause I’m pale!  3. My kids    


If you were an animal what would you be?  A horse they are beautiful calm creatures 


Do you have an office nickname? What is it? Where did it come from? Brooklyn or Brookie


Messy or Organized?    Organized