Protect your hair in the critical two-week period after coloring with Redken Color Extend Bonder

Coloring or bleaching your hair can lead to weaker bonds, and the weaker the bonds in your hair, the more susceptible it is to breaking. Color Extend Bonder is a three-part intensive treatment system for color-treated and bleached hair that protects color and hair from breakage and damage during the critical two-week period post service.

Strengthens weak hair bonds
Protects cuticle to prevent color fading


Set Includes:

Pre-Shampoo (3.4 oz)
Shampoo (3.4 oz)
Conditioner (3.4 oz)                          


Use for the first 2 weeks following a blonding or color service:

STEP 1 - PRE-SHAMPOO TREATMENT: Apply to damp hair, massage from roots to ends. Leave on 5 minutes, rinse.

STEP 2 - SHAMPOO: Apply to damp hair, lather, rinse.

STEP 3 - CONDITION: Distribute through hair, rinse.


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