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A must-have clarifying cream shampoo that removes buildup and residue.            

Whether it’s product, pollution, or hard water, where there’s buildup there isn’t shine. If your strands are looking a little dull, reach for this must-have clarifying cream shampoo—ideal for all textures and hair types…even color-treated! This cream shampoo purifies your hair, removing minerals like copper, iron, magnesium and calcium, all found in hard water, as well as excess oils, pollution residue and buildup of product. Your strands are left with strengthened cuticles and added shine. Follow up with your favorite Redken conditioner for best results.                              

Apply to wet hair, massage into a lather and rinse. Follow with any Redken conditioner. Use 1x/week or as often as needed. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately.