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A leave-in treatment for damaged hair and split ends.                

We’re all for work-life balance, but when you have damaged hair, you’ll want a product that isn’t afraid to do extra. Redken Extreme Anti-Snap is the workaholic you’ll be thankful for. This award-winning, bestselling leave-in treatment for damaged hair and split ends provides protection against chemical damage, heat damage from hot hairstyling tools, mechanical tools, surface damage and hair breakage, so hair is stronger and smoother, and breakage and split-ends happen less often. Use it with Extreme Shampoo, Conditioner and Anti-Snap to reduce breakage by 75%.           Apply to fragile or damaged areas of hair, or all over while damp. Do not rinse out. Style as usual. For stronger hair, use Extreme Shampoo and Extreme Conditioner prior to use.


SKU: P1385001